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07.01.16 - Quote for 2016..."Consistency is King"

"Consistency is King" This is our quote for you to live by at Hodgson Sports Massage this year!! Why? we hear you ask!!!

Here's why...whatever you fitness, exercise or health goals are, a consistent long term approach will always be the most likely way to succeed (and be sustainable). Sometimes the old saying 'less is more' can be very true with training.

To explain our point here are 2 examples...we'll let you decide which one is best!

Scenario one:
Jonny has signed up for a local 5k race, he's not done much exercise for a while but he is super motivated to get fit for the race! He's got 10 weeks to the event, so he is out the door and goes to see how far he can run without stopping, he manages just over a 1 miles. Not too bad he thinks but he is absolutly exhausted! He decides to try again the next day although his legs are really stiff and sore from yesterdays run, however he manages to run a little further but he is absolutely shattered at the end! The next day he is finding walking a struggle, he starts to feel a bit better a few days later so goes out again and manages to run just under 2 miles, it was hard but Jonny is super pleased! So motivated he decides to go out the next day, but straight away notices his knee is sore, it begins to loosen up, but he can only manage 1 mile today. Jonny goes out again a few days later and the knee pain is there again, it gets worse until he can't run any longer! Now Jonny's knee is even painful when walking around, so he has to rest and doesn't run for a week, he try's again and it is still very sore and he can only run half a mile. He has another week off, same thing, then another week off! To cut a long story short, Jonny does manage to run the 5k, the knee pain eventually clears up but he finds the 5k race really tough...he's not sure he wants to do another one!

Ok, so the above example is pretty crude but it could have been so much different...

Scenario two:

Jonny has signed up for a local 5k race, he's not done much exercise for a while but he is super motivated to get fit for the race! He's got 10 weeks to the event. He sits down to plan his training programme, so he thinks...'I've not done any exercise for a while so I need to build up very gradually to allow my body to adapt and recover from my new training regime'. So for the first couple of weeks Jonny goes out for brisk walks, with at a couple days rest in between walks, before he knows it he is covering nearly 5k and feeling good! 'So now I need to start running' he thinks, 'but I don't want to do to much too soon', so what Jonny does is incorporate several 30secs jogs within his walks, as things progress Jonny increases the length of the jogging and in turn the walking reduces. Fast forward...Jonny can run constamtly for 5k and feels good and without consciously making an attempt to do so his run speed has increased! Jonny does the 5k and loves it! He is fit enough to enjoy the run and take the event atmosphere in, he definitely wants to do another one maybe a 10k next time!?

Ok so things are not always as straight forward as these two examples but you are a lot more likely to achieve your goals if you seek to take a more long term view and go for consistency as opposed to trying to get to where you want to go too body can be very good at stopping you if you try to 'run before you can walk', literally!!

"Consistency is King"

06.01.16 - Runner Stability Routine

The Oregon Project Stability Routine

Hodgson Sports Massage Note: Below are some key exercises that keep a certain Mo Farah healthy! If you are going to incorporate any these exercises into your training programme then you should seek to do so gradually! Go for quality over quantity i.e. you will get more benefit from doing less reps but with good form! As with any new exercise it has the potential to make you sore afterwards, therefore be cautious to begin with, don't try and do too much as it will have the potential to impact on other training in the days afterwards, and then in reality become counter productive!

Hot Salsa

Step into a wide lunge and reach a weighted ball as far out in front of you toward the ground as you can. Keep the back as straight as possible. Shift your weight forward on your front foot. While keeping the ball forward, lift your back leg off the ground and rise up to a perfect running position. Ritzenhein deserves credit for naming this exercise because he says it makes your butt sore the next morning. Perform 10 total lunges, 5 on each side.

Runner Pulls

Balance on one leg and grab a pulley system or elastic band in front of you with the opposite hand. Raise the free knee up toward your waist while simultaneously pulling the weight down 90-degrees and rotating toward your opposite leg. These should only be undertaken after the you have mastered the previous drills, as any lingering hip or core weakness or control deficiency will reinforce the wrong movements here.

15 times on each side.

Side Plank Knee to Chest

Begin in a side plank. Let your shins rest on a BOSU ball and balance on the ground using your lower arm. Keeping your body level to the ground, drive your top knee toward your chest while moving your upper arm back in a running motion. If your left elbow is on the ground, your right knee will move forward in a 'high knee' position and the right arm will swing behind parallel to the ground. The motion recruits the core, scapular stabilizers and muscles down the leg. Repeat on the opposite side.

If you are doing a static hold, work up to 45 seconds each. If knee drive or hip dip knee drive, work up to 12 on each side.

The Reverse Clamshell

These may feel like they're the same as the clamshell, but they control the hip in a different way. Whereas the clamshell opens on the front side of the body, this exercise opens on the backside. Lie on one side with your knees bent and your lower legs behind you at a 90-degree angle. While keeping your knees together, lift your top foot away from the bottom foot as high as you can, hold it for a two-count and then bring it back down slowly. The target muscle is the deep internal hip rotators.

Perform 1-2 sets of 15-20 repetitions each.

The Clamshell

Lie on your back and bend your knees to 90 degrees, keeping your feet on the ground. Then hold that position and roll onto your side. Keeping your feet together and your femurs slightly in front of the midline of your body, lift the top knee away from the bottom knee using the glutes to drive the action. The upper foot will turn down to 'stand' on the other foot and the motion will engage the external hip rotators.

Perform 1-2 sets of 15-20 repetitions each.

Mountain Climbers

Drop to a plank position with your forearms on a medium-sized stability ball. Keeping your core tight, bring a knee to the ball. Try to keep the ball and torso as steady as possible. Alternate knees to the ball throughout the exercise. The movements integrate every muscle used during a stride.

Perform 20-30 total.

Runner Touch

Strike a pose in perfect running position with one leg in high knee position. Balancing on the one leg, bend at the hip and touch the toe that?s on the ground with the opposite hand while the leg in the air rotates under and back. Make sure the standing leg remains stable and as straight as possible while enabling you to touch the ground. Be sure to prevent the moving knee from crossing midline while that leg straightens out behind you. Come back up to running position quickly without losing balance, pause for a second or two, and repeat. Switch legs and repeat.

Perform 1-2 sets of 8-10 repetitions each.

The Jane Fonda

Lie on your side and place your bottom hand behind your head. Put your top hand on your upper hip pressing your pelvis forward to make sure it does not rotate back during the exercise. Use your core muscles to stay steady. Keeping the top leg straight, lift it up and then back using your glutes to lift the leg. By keeping the outside of your foot level to the ground, you should feel the fatigue in your gluteus medius.

Perform 1-2 sets of 15-20 repetitions each.

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James Williams

Having raced for more years than I'd care to mention, I am aware that the best performances come from a mix of consistent, high quality training, self-awareness, and mental preparation. Centre to all of this however is your bodies functionality - put simply, it's easier to perform well if your body is functioning properly. Unfortunately the stresses of training and racing can all too often build up and impair performance; sports massage is one of the key tools I use to combat this and ensure my body is working to the best of its ability. Utlising Marks hands for the first time during the 2012 race season the difference to race and training performance was notable and is something I am keen to continue with for the foreseeable future."

James Williams, Elite Cyclist
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