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Welcome To The Running Gait Analysis

Running gait analysis is basically analysing how you run - your individual style! This process involve us filming you run and analysing it through a specific computer package, we will also take into account you previous running/exercise background and injury history.

Following the assessment we can then prescribe the correct type of running shoe and or general strategies to maximise performance and avoid injury. We are based next door to the specialist running shop Ironbridge Runner, so we can utilise the stock to test out shoes (and get you discount should you wish to make a purchase). This process can be very useful for people who are new to running, experiencing problems when running or even just to provide general reassurance for an experienced runner who is maybe building up to a specific event.

Our philosophy is simple...we are runners who are passionate about what we do, we don't promise a magic cure to injuries and long standing issues, we'll just give an honest advice drawing on years of running experience. Believe us, we know what it is like to have issues that stop you from enjoying your running or not being able to take part in your chosen event.

Running gait analysis can be offered as a stand alone appointment or in conjunction with sports massage treatment.

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About Us

We are runners, who have run for a long time, we've made lots of mistakes regarding injury, wearing wrong shoes and over training therefore we're in a good position to give advice based on our experience! We aim to help runners reach their running & fitness goals by helping to keep you on the road for longer.

This is done by analysing your running style and looking into your running background (if any) and highlight any common problems with your individual gait. Following on from this we can prescribe correct running shoes, we have knowledge of all the major brands in the market and the added bonus is we can get you discount if you need a new pair.

Contact & Booking

If you would like to have a chat about our services or your would like to book an appointment then please get in contact

Email: info@hodgsonsportsmassage.co.uk
Phone: 079 432 581 03

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Stand alone appointment, 30minutes = £26.00

Combined appointment of gait analyse and sports massage, 60minutes = £37.00

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