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▷Video: Back Mobility Exercises - A simple set of back mobility exercises, which are great for distance runners but also very effective for general everyday maintence

▷Video: 5 Best Sciatica Stretches for Quick Pain Relief - 5 example stretches that can help with Sciatica and also general back health.

Sacroiliac (SI) Joint:

▷Video: 3 SI Joint Stretches For Proper Sacroiliac Motion - example of 3 mobilisation excercises for the SI Joint

▷Info: 6 Valuable Exercises You Need to Prevent Sacroiliac Joint Pain - An intresting blog giving an insight into tht SI joint and associated pain along with 6 key exercises than can help mobiles and reduce pain

▷Video: 3 Drills to Relieve SI Joint Pain - some good basic exercise movements to help relieve and maintain SI joint


▷Info: Rotator Cuff Exercises - Some exercises that can help to rehab from an injury or that can be used as an injury prevention tool.

▷Video: 3 Exercises to Improve Your Shoulder Mobility - Some ideas om mobility excercises for the shoulders

▷Video: SHOULDER IMPINGEMENT: 8 Exercises and Strategies to Treat it For Good - Exercises and general strategies if you are suffering with a shoulder niggle


▷Video: How to Engage Your Glutes for Running - Some interesting tips on how to engage your gluets for running

▷Video: A range of body weight Gluet activations - 19 Gluet activation exercises that can been done simply at home or in the gym, activations like this are a great way of getting your Glutes firing an working more efficiently


▷Video: Knee Strengthening Exetercises for Runners - What is runneres knee and how can I avoid it


▷Video: What Makes Your Calves Sore While Running? - Calf pain/soreness is really common for runners, this video give some guidence on what is general soreness and what is more serious issue. The overiding theme in the video is...patience

Strength & Conditioning:

▷Video: What Exactly is Foam Rolling and Why Should I Roll? - Reasons why it's good to be friends with your foam roller

▷Video: How to Use a Foam Roller for Recovery - A range of foam roller manoeuvres to help with recovery

▷Video: Foam Rolling Basics For Runners - Intro to the benifits of foam rollering

▷Video: Resistance Band Exercises - 5 resistance band exercises - resistance bands are a fantatistic bit of kit that are great for using at home when you have a spare 5-10minutes, so there is no excuse for fitting in some strength and conditioning work!

▷Video: Key Exercises that keep some of the world's best runners healthy - See some exercises designed specificially forthe demands of endurance running.


▷Video: Mo Farah's Core Work Out

▷Video: Dynamic Flexability

▷Video: What Is VO2 Max And How Can You Increase It? - You may have heard the term "Vo2 Max" but what does it mean and more importantly what can you do to effect it.

▷Video: Dynamioc Warm Up Ideas for Runners - A good warm up is all about getting ready for the activiy you are about to perform. Therefore focused dynamic exercises are a great element for a good warm warm up, especially if you are about to undertake a hard/quality training session.

▷Video: Runners Specific Core Workout

▷Video: 20min Runners Pilates Workout

▷Video: Introduction to Drills

▷Video: WatchRunners Warm Up

Work or Home Exercises:

Desk stretches to ease aches and pains - Some many of us are stuck behind a desk at a computer for long periods, here are some stretches you can use while at your desk to look after yourself.

Foam Rolling Exercise Guide - Makes friends with your foam roller and it will have your back!


▷Video: The best sleeping position for back pain, neck pain, and sciatica - Some interesting information and ideas on your sleeping position and how being in a better postion can help with back and neck pain.

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