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Initial Appointment

On your first visit to us there will be a initial short consultation which will include your identifying your desired outcome from treatment, outlining current issues and talking through medical history, this will allow us to perform the best treatment possible for you. All information is given in confidence, all records are kept securely and every precaution will be made to ensure you are a suitable candidate for soft tissue therapy.

The Treatment

We don't subscribe to a 'one size fits all' approach to treatment, therefore we will tailor our approach to the needs of the individual. Towels are used to protect your modesty/keep you warm, and if required we will use either specific massage oil to lubricate your skin whilst treating you (we will ask if you have any allergies). We will always ask for feedback during treatment to ensure you are comfortable.

Exeter Massage - Focused Treatment

Post Treatment Advice

Massage therapy can be powerful, and some individuals will react more strongly than others, so we always advise you to do the following after a treatment:

  • Drink plenty of water for at least 24 hours after massage.
  • Use ice/cold therapy if appropriate or as instructed.
  • Be prepared to feel like your muscles have had a really good workout for up to 48 hours post treatment.


If you would like to know more please get in contact
Email: info@hodgsonsportsmassage.co.uk | Tel: 079 432 581 03
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Client Case Study
"A Change in Mindset"

Phil Wylie

I was fortunate to meet Mark when racing at an City Run - Run Exe 5k series event and happened to win a prize voucher for sports massage. At 36 I realised my body was in need of more support than the odd stretching or yoga session. I hadn't had sports massage for years and had a race only a few days later. I was impressed by his thorough and professional approach to the session. He made no assumptions about the treatment I needed and listened and asked thoughtful questions before creating a plan for some immediate and medium term treatment. Interestingly the next day I went for a pre race run and felt great with lots of spring in my step. The following day I ran a seasons best time at a national 10k event. I continued to see Mark regularly and as a result my training intensity and quality improved putting me in great shape for autumn/winter events. I thought I knew my body well but Mark finds areas of tightness and potential injury that I'm not always aware of and treats them appropriately. I like that he has a more strategic approach to treatment than the old tradition of 'if it's sore press harder! I'm looking forward to working with Mark regularly to ensure I'm able to train and compete to my maximum potential and reach my goals over the coming year.

Major Results: 3rd European Triathlon Age Group Championships 2001 (20-24yrs) - Karlsbad, 1st World Triathlon Age Group Championships 2004 (25-29yrs) - Madeira, 1st British National Elite Duathlon Championships 2009, 1st British National Elite Duathlon Championships 2014, 4th World Elite Duathlon Championships 2014 - Pontevedra, 1st Team (relay) World Duathlon Champions 2014 - Pontevedra, 3rd European Elite Duathlon Championships 2014 - Weyer, 3rd European Elite Duathlon Championships 2015 - Alcobendas.

Personal Bests: 10miles - 49.40mins | 10km - 29.30mins | 5km - 14.30mins | XC - 11th national Xc champs 2015, 1st team - inter counties racing for North East

Phil Wylie, Elite Duathlete & Runner

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