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Geniune reviews of Mark Cowen and Clare Hodgson, experienced fully insured Exeter Sports Massage Therapists

Exeter Sports Massage Review by Phil Wylie

I first used Mark to take the ease off my aches and pains during a big training block and before a couple big races. After treatment I could feel a real positive difference, this is now something I like to keep as part of my regular routine. I couldn’t recommend anyone better, listens to your needs and delivers a very good service. I Wouldn’t use anyone else!

Sam Mills, Elite Runner
Exeter Sports Massage Review by Phil Wylie

I was fortunate to meet Mark when racing at an City Run - Run Exe 5k series event and happened to win a prize voucher for sports massage. At 36 I realised my body was in need of more support than the odd stretching or yoga session. I hadn't had sports massage for years and had a race only a few days later. I was impressed by his thorough and professional approach to the session. He made no assumptions about the treatment I needed and listened and asked thoughtful questions before creating a plan for some immediate and medium term treatment. Interestingly the next day I went for a pre race run and felt great with lots of spring in my step. The following day I ran a seasons best time at a national 10k event. I continued to see Mark regularly and as a result my training intensity and quality improved putting me in great shape for autumn/winter events. I thought I knew my body well but Mark finds areas of tightness and potential injury that I'm not always aware of and treats them appropriately. I like that he has a more strategic approach to treatment than the old tradition of 'if it's sore press harder! I'm looking forward to working with Mark regularly to ensure I'm able to train and compete to my maximum potential and reach my goals over the coming year.

Major Results: 3rd European Triathlon Age Group Championships 2001 (20-24yrs) - Karlsbad, 1st World Triathlon Age Group Championships 2004 (25-29yrs) - Madeira, 1st British National Elite Duathlon Championships 2009, 1st British National Elite Duathlon Championships 2014, 4th World Elite Duathlon Championships 2014 - Pontevedra, 1st Team (relay) World Duathlon Champions 2014 - Pontevedra, 3rd European Elite Duathlon Championships 2014 - Weyer, 3rd European Elite Duathlon Championships 2015 - Alcobendas.

Personal Bests: 10miles - 49.40mins | 10km - 29.30mins | 5km - 14.30mins | XC - 11th national Xc champs 2015, 1st team - inter counties racing for North East

Phil Wylie, Elite Duathlete & Runner
Exeter Sports Massage Review by Shaun Antell

Mark offered a great professional service, helping me out at short notice. His pre race massage helped me achieve a personal best at the Reading Half Marathon"

Shaun Antell, Elite Runner
Exeter Sports Massage Review by James Williams

Having raced for more years than I'd care to mention, I am aware that the best performances come from a mix of consistent, high quality training, self-awareness, and mental preparation. Centre to all of this however is your bodies functionality - put simply, it's easier to perform well if your body is functioning properly. Unfortunately the stresses of training and racing can all too often build up and impair performance; sports massage is one of the key tools I use to combat this and ensure my body is working to the best of its ability. Utlising Mark's hands for the first time during the 2012 race season the difference to race and training performance was notable and is something I am keen to continue with for the foreseeable future."

James Williams, Elite Cyclist
Exeter Sports Massage Review by Steph McCall

Both Clare and Mark have been brilliant in treating the build up of stresses that come from training and racing. Highly recommended!"

Steph McCall, Elite Runner
Exeter Sports Massage Review by Tom Merson

Clare sorted my achilles tendonitis in time for me to clinch my first great west run title! I will use no other!""

Tom Merson, Elite Runner

Initially when I started to see Mark, I came as a cure, however soon realised that the work you he does is mopre about prevention and believe since I started coming I haven’t had extreme issues with back or shoulders as I did before. I would certainly recommend, in fact I did to the Exe Masters club.

Jamie Page, Elite Swimmer

Mark has provided a deep tissue massage service for many years. In each session he has conscientiously and rigorously treated the muscle tissue to help to manage issues and to warn of potential pending issues. This has helped me to remain injury for as long as possible.

However, Mark has also provided a service as a mentor. Sounding out my training ideas and critiquing and challenging my thoughts and findings in such a way that has got me to think the extra step beyond each process; we have covered a multitude of aspects of running in which he has displayed good knowledge and well founded advice or good opinion on areas he declares he is not so sure about.

His support and sympathetic, yet, creative and positive outlook has always enable me to stay positive and grounded during injuries, helping me to balance my emotional response during some trying times.

I am older guy yet he has never sought to patronise me and has treated me, I am absolutely sure, in the same respectful way that he would a high level athlete.

I have nothing but high regards for Mark's integrity, knowledge and human support and would recommend him whole-heartedly.

Bob Fairbrother, Trail Runner

During the Autumn of 2014 I was training for the Florence Marathon. I found that regular sports massage really helped keep my legs feeling fresh and injury free. Mark quickly sorted out any niggles so that they didn't develop further and compromise training. On the day I was able to enjoy (almost!) every mile, finish strongly with no discomfort, aches or pains. I wasn't even stiff the next day! I'm by no means a fast runner, but I know that sports massage can benefit any of us and help us keep running - after all that's what we like doing."

Hilary Allen, Runner

Clare Cares! She's honest, passionate and intelligent. Her intuitiveness as a massage therapist is Brilliant!"

Steven Scot Bono -2h30 marathon runner, actor, USA.

Clare treated me over several months while I was training for a marathon.  She was flexible in arranging the time and place for massage sessions as well as giving a competitive price.  She offered a  quality professional service to suit my individual needs and I would not hesitate to recommend her. And she is a nice and friendly person!"

Vanda Linden, Marathon Runner.

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