Sports Massage for Runners

At Hodgson Sports Massage Exeter, we have a bit of previous when it comes to running... over 40 years of experience including road, track, cross country and multi terrain racing with Mark Cowen and Clare Cowen combined to be precise!! We certainly don't profess to know everything and are constantly seeking to develop our knowledge, over the years we have learnt a lot but also made a lot of mistakes (and paid the price with injury and illness!).

Consistant Training + Proper Recovery = Improved Performance

Through our passion for sport and in particular running we feel well placed to offer treatment to runners and also advise in other areas such as:

  • Training
  • Nutrition
  • Running Gait Anlysis
  • Running shoes/kit
  • Strength & conditioning

We geniunely do get a buzz from working with people just starting out on their running journey through to elite athletes chasing medals on the world stage

For further info on what we can offer please get in touch with us

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Recommended local running clubs and groups: