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Sports Massage

Helping You To Feel Better...

Sports massage is a type of 'hands on' treatment, used to maniupulate soft tissue, which includes skin, muscles, tendons, ligaments and fascia. Massage can be an effective treatment for making you 'feel better'... move better, function better and perform better.

Sports and deep tissue massage can help if you are aching from the daily activities, sore from training or just need some help relaxing with some 'hands on' treatment from an experienced professional.

Massage treatment can be a great benifit, whether you are someone with sport/fitness goals and looking to aid performance and recovery or simply someone looking to keep on top of everyday aches and pains

Better Nevers Stops Hodgson Sports Massage Exeter

Hodgson Sport Massage treatments can vary depending on the condition/injury of the client. However, all clients can expect:

  • Detailed verbal history of injury, illness, health and lifestyle
  • Injury assessment
  • Treatment
  • Aftercare advice

Treatment can occur on the shoulders, upper back, lower back, bottom, upper leg, lower leg and feet, wherever you feel comfortable; but problem areas can be linked to other "tight spots" on the body.